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About Us

Garcia Staffing specializes in Farming, Agriculture and Professional placement. For 4 years, our goal has been to connect job seekers with employers and positively help growth companies of our communities that we serve.

Because of our extensively knowledge of around 10 years, we refer qualified candidates for specific areas. From entry-level workers to seasoned professionals. We are committed to work witht each clients to fulfill their staff needs, by assembling a desiccated team withe experience in the industry.

Signing a Contract
Signing a Contract


Garcia Staffing mission is to help business with its staffing needs with qualified candidates in different areas of farming and agriculture. 


“To be a leader in the industry connecting employees with business around the state.”

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Core values graphic

Core Values

Garcia Statting has build a culture around responsibility, honesty, and diversity. Our integrity is incomparable to others because we value our people and respect the cultural diversity. Additionally, the compromise of hard working to realized the job in the estimated time. 

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